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TCM – Acupuncture & Other Modalities in Toronto

closeup of hand on heartWith roots that reach back over two millennia, traditional Chinese Medicine combines various practices aimed at restoring and maintaining health through the balance of the body’s energy, termed ‘Qi’.

At LiveWell Health and Wellness, we provide an array of services grounded in the principles of TCM. Our goal is to combine the knowledge of TCM with Western medicine, offering patients a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Our practices are approved by world-renowned health organizations, including the World Health Organization, affirming our commitment to quality and efficacy.


An Array of Services

Our services include the following:

Chinese Acupuncture

Acupuncture taps into the meridian system to correct imbalances in Qi’s flow. Inserting thin needles at specific points in the body stimulates the body’s healing responses. This practice involves conventional acupuncture and also includes electro-acupuncture, where needles are connected to an electric current to enhance the needle’s action, and auricular acupuncture, involving needle insertion at specific ear points.


Moxibustion is another technique that aims to move blocked energy in the body. This method involves burning a herb close to the skin at designated points to warm and activate Qi, improving blood circulation and resolving energy stagnation.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a method of scrubbing or scraping the skin to stimulate blood flow and healing. It’s beneficial in alleviating pain and inflammation, often used to treat chronic pain disorders.


Acupressure involves applying pressure with fingers on specific points instead of needles. This technique can stimulate the body’s self-curative abilities, helping alleviate various symptoms.

Ear Seeding

In contrast to auricular acupuncture, ear seeding doesn’t involve needles. Small seeds are placed at specific points in the ear, where they remain for a week, providing continuous stimulation and relief for various conditions.

Tui Na

This is a TCM therapeutic massage, which focuses on the meridians or energy channels in the body. Unlike other massages, Tui Na aims to unblock energy channels associated with specific pain points, utilizing the concept of pain being a blockage of energy and blood movement through these meridians.


Cupping involves creating suction on the skin using cups, drawing up stagnated blood to the surface. This method can help alleviate various conditions, from respiratory disorders to certain types of pain.

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