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Meet Dr. Victoria Forte, ND

Dr Victoria

Where Science and Nature Unite

Dr. Victoria’s holistic philosophy blends scientific research with nature’s powerful healing abilities. Through modalities like botanical medicine, acupuncture, and targeted nutrition, she creates customized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs and goals.

“If there’s so many things contributing [to illness], then we should be taking a multifactorial approach to treatment.” -Dr. Victoria Forte

Credentialed Knowledge, Compassionate Care

With degrees from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, University of Toronto, and a diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Dr. Victoria has developed a breadth of knowledge with respect to health, as well as clinical skills. Yet she also provides an empathetic, supportive environment focused on your individual wellness journey.

Restoring Balance and Vitality

Whether you need relief from digestive troubles, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, or women’s health concerns, Dr. Victoria’s knowledge spans a wide range of conditions. Her collaborative approach ensures you’re an active partner, working together to restore balance and vibrant health.

Unlocking Your Body’s Natural Wisdom

We believe in empowering your body’s innate ability to heal itself with proper care and guidance. Dr. Victoria’s naturopathic treatments work in harmony with your body’s natural rhythms, gently promoting lasting well-being.

Begin Your Healing Journey Today

Dr. Victoria can’t wait to help you achieve your goals in natural health. If you’d like to get started, reach out to our team today to book an appointment-she looks forward to welcoming you to LiveWell Health and Wellness!




Dr. Victoria Forte at LiveWell Health and Wellness | (416) 700-3054