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Headache Relief in Toronto

woman with itching headMany of you are all too familiar with the sensation: an aching that you can feel radiate from the back of the head, behind your eyes, or in the temples. Classic neck headaches are often a problem without a natural solution, as you may struggle day-to-day and try to medicate the pain away.

LiveWell Health and Wellness in Toronto is here to offer osteopathic therapy and utilize a whole-body approach that has proven to help relieve headaches and spark healing in that region of the body.

Finding the Cause and Suitable Solutions

As a distinct problem from migraines, most headaches are cervicogenic, which means they originate from the neck region. What Katharine sees with the majority of headaches is dysfunction in the upper part of the neck, where the skull sits on the top of the head. Forward head carriage (where the chin protrudes forward and beyond the shoulder) is often a culprit, as bad posture and prolonged screen use play a role.

By focusing on whole-body examination and determining the cause of your headaches, Katharine can equip you with exercises and educate you on corrective measures you can take alongside care.

Our Commitment to Bring You Lasting Relief

Katharine is determined to find the cause of your headaches and effectively lead you to long-term health. Given the many headache triggers, osteopathy is an attractive option as we consider everything and offer correction through care and exercises that strengthen and heal.

While we believe strongly in osteopathy, a mix of natural healthcare options can be beneficial. To this end, we have added options like acupuncture, naturopathic medicine and massage therapy. Learn more >>

Start Your Journey to Better Wellness

Katharine and the team want to help you overcome pain and enjoy continuous wellness. If you are dealing with headaches, get the help you need at LiveWell Health and Wellness.

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