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Lower Back Pain Relief in Toronto

woman on fancy couch with back painThrough the unified approach to wellness at LiveWell Health and Wellness, you can receive the care and direction you need to overcome lower back pain. For years, osteopathic therapist Katharine has found solutions for Toronto residents who are struggling with acute or chronic lower back pain.

While there is variability depending on the condition and other circumstances, on average, we can minimize most acute back pain in approximately two weeks. Don’t wait—get started now!

Helping You Create a Complete Picture of Health

To quickly and successfully address what is often a debilitating condition, Katharine looks at the whole picture for each individual person based on a comprehensive health history and personalized assessment. We understand that two people can come in with the same symptoms and need very different care methods, so we are careful to get a sense of what specifically is causing your lower back pain and why.

Solving the source of your discomfort requires us to examine the entire body. Often, lower back pain emanates from other conditions in the body, such as hip joint issues or ankle problems.

The Key Ingredients for Your Continued Success

We start with a medical history and in-depth examination, then attempt to combine specific care methods with at-home exercises. While there are some situations where Katharine’s therapy is enough on its own, clients who commit themselves to both care at our Toronto office and exercises at home see the most success.

Once your pain is under control, we usually recommend you come in once every few months so your body doesn’t relapse into the previous pain and dysfunction. Ideally, we are not just solving your acute pain but also helping you avoid chronic pain and stay in the best health possible.

Get Your Body Back on Track, Starting Today

If you’re seeking personal and experienced care for your lower back pain, look no further than LiveWell Health and Wellness. Contact us today to book an appointment.



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