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Neck Pain Relief in Toronto

man working in city with neck painWith the increased use of computers and cell phones, neck pain has become a common problem. LiveWell Health and Wellness offers an effective approach that focuses on identifying the root cause of the pain and using our expertise to promote lasting relief.

While it is tempting to push through neck discomfort, you often ignore an underlying condition that won’t go away on its own. Katharine offers to help by figuring out the details of your unique situation and giving you the education and therapy you need to heal.

Looking at the Whole Body

Neck pain can come from anywhere, including the neck itself. Issues in the pelvis, hips and feet can also contribute to neck discomfort. If anything is off with these areas or elsewhere in your body’s alignment, then your neck may be trying to compensate, causing issues and pain.

Neck pain is also closely related to upper back pain and headaches, two other symptoms we care for at LiveWell Health and Wellness. We aim to find the specific elements contributing to your pain and lead you to the right solutions.

A Custom Cocktail for Your Best Care

Once we’ve looked at your body as a whole and understand the reason for your pain, we start care. Katharine knows the power and potential of osteopathy, but she also champions the addition of acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage therapy as options to serve our clients.

The goal is to provide a “cocktail” that combines the best natural health care to help you enjoy wellness.

Your Role to Play in Healing

Providing you with the specific, focused care you need is just one of our goals. We also find it important to educate you as a client on the positive role you can play day-to-day. Combining therapy at our Toronto office with better postural awareness, proper exercises, and similar at-home solutions gives you the best shot at speedy pain relief and lasting health.

Get Your Health Back on Track Starting Now

If you’re seeking personal and experienced care for your neck pain, look no further. Contact us today to book an appointment.



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