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Your Health: High Blood Pressure? Dr. Lydia can help!

High Blood Pressure Control Secrets

If you’ve been struggling to keep your blood pressure under control, there are two little known secrets that can help.

  1. Reduce the sugar fructose from your diet.

Fructose is a sugar most commonly found in fruit. Fruit sugars are not the problem. We have extracted fructose to use as a sweetener in the form of high fructose corn syrup and other forms that we use to sweeten things like

  • Juice and pop

  • Dried fruit

  • Honey

  • Baked goods

  • Agave nectar (People often think this is low sugar)

Fructose stresses out your kidneys. And your kidneys are responsible for blood pressure regulation.

  1. Dilute salt with water.

Some people with high blood pressure get accustomed to non-salted food, but for many of us, we enjoy that flavour. And occasionally we will eat out and have more salt than we would eat at home.

Drink 2L of water every day, especially after a salty meal. It’s not the amount of salt, it’s the concentration (hello grade 9 science class!) More water dilutes the salt in your blood stream. Less stress on your kidneys means less stress on your blood vessels and heart.

Are you consuming too much fructose?

Are you intaking too much salt?

If your blood pressure has shot up recently (who hasn't from 2020 onwards?!). Book in to see me.

Free 10 minute calls available

Toronto: Book here. (link?)

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