Why should I see Dr. Julian Coronas - Chiropractor?

Healing Pain

Dr. Coronas is an expert in the non-surgical treatment of pain and injury of the muscles, spine, and joints. As an experienced, highly knowledgeable chiropractor, Julian leverages an integrative, patient-centric approach. His extensive knowledge and expertise result in a comprehensive, in-depth, examination, assessment, and treatment Julian does not just treat the pain, his expert approach locates the root cause of the issue, to resolve pain at the source.

From his own experience as an athlete, under the care of integrative chiropractors, Julian was inspired to dedicate his life to helping others fully resolve their pain - and get back to being themselves.

Treating the Whole Person

As an integrative chiropractor, Julian leverages his continuously growing, wide breadth of knowledge, and expert skills to adapt and customize the treatment approach to the patient - which always ensures optimal outcomes in patient care. This integrative approach, includes chiropractic, soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, rehabilitation, and nutritional interventions - which together are an effective holistic approach. As a practitioner with a patient centric approach, Julian considers all aspects of the patient and the patient needs, which allows him to bring together his manual and neurological therapies which are adapted to the specific patient and patient needs.

Empowering Patients

Julian takes the time to listen to patients, and their journey. He fully explains the outcomes of his analysis, including what the cause of the problem is. He works hand in hand with patients to develop an optimal plan, answering questions as supporting patients through their journey or resolving their pain. Julian believes that patients should be informed, and share in the plan, ensuring they always fully understand what they are dealing with. As a lifelong learner, and active and avid athlete, Julian knows first hand how injury can manifest.

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Dr. Julian Coronas, LiveWell Health and Wellness

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