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Sleep, Metabolism & Mood: Menopause Demystified w/ Dr. Lydia ND

In the next decade, 2.7 million women in Canada will experience the menopausal transition, and surprisingly few of us are informed about what to expect. Here at LiveWell, we are working to change that.

Do not suffer through the seven+ years of perimenopause to menopause feeling confused and experiencing a barrage of symptoms that impact your quality of life.

You are not doomed to hot flashes, night sweats and nights of poor sleep with no relief.

You CAN feel better!

Please join me in LiveWell's first LIVE Facebook event. I will talk about what to expect through the menopausal transition, how to customize your action steps based on your unique situation. We all uniquely experience puberty, menstruation, and now peri and post menopause.

Please email for details! See you soon on the LiveWell Facebook page.

Dr. Lydia

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