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Covid-19 Procedure

Our Covid-19 Procedures

  1. No Tracking:  All shoes are removed at the door to prevent tracking.  Sandals are provided, and socks are acceptable.  All sandals are single use and then sanitized with ministry approved Covid-19 cleaners.

  2. Low touch environment:  All appointments are staggered to minimize the number of people in the greeting area.  All devices and unnecessary equipment and surfaces have been removed.  All remaining furnishings and devices are sanitized after every interaction.  Booking and payments, including receipts, are low to no touch.  

  3. Staff:  All therapists are temperature checked and screened daily

  4. Clients:   All Clients are pre-screened before their appointment, then screened again on premise and temperature checked.  All Clients sanitize upon arrival and where a face covering during the appointment.

  5. Cleaning:  All surfaces, tables, chairs, tablets, door handles, counters, desks, pens, clipboards, are sanitized immediately following each appointment.  The clinic rooms are sterilized every hour during appointment times.

  6. Booking:  Walk-ins are currently not allowed and are stopped at the door.  All bookings are done on-line or through your therapist at the end of your appointment.

  7. Contact:  All communication, outside your therapist appointment, is done through email.  No reception, or shared devices (phones) are in the clinic to minimize interactions. 

  8. Bathrooms:  Use of bathrooms is limited to emergency.  Following usage of the facility the bathroom is immediately and thoroughly sanitized. 

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