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Cancelling an Appointment?

Need to Cancel an Appointment?  Follow these easy steps;

  1. Provide a minimum of 24 hours notice:  Your therapist needs time to rebook your spot.

  2. Click Your Link:  Open your Thanks for Booking or Appointment Reminder Email and follow the link 'Account Page'.

  3. Select:  Select the appointment you wish to reschedule or cancel.

Empathy @LiveWell

What about special circumstances?

  1. Ability to Work:  Our 24 hour cancellation policy is to protect your therapists ability to work and have an income.  If you cancel last minute your therapist can not work. 

  2. We Care:  If you have special circumstance that you need to cancel with less than 24 hours - please send an email to and the clinic owner will review your circumstance and get back to you asap.

Seal cancelled stamped on paper planner.
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